Who Am I?

You know everyone thinks we’re fools, right?

I was that young guy who used to look up to the sky and wanted to reach the stars. Literally, I used to study mechanical engineering and always wanted to be a rocket scientist. I used to work in a small coffee house near my university campus in my hometown city in the heart of the Middle East, a small country named Lebanon. Life was going fine with me until my parents got divorced (Trust me, this is not a sad story). This nineteen years old man life forced him to be the man of the house, to live with his mother and young sister, pay the rent of the house, pay bills, and give up on his dream.

Well, I had to. As if I got a choice, my back was against the wall. So I switched from working part-time to fifteen hours a day in the same coffee house, I had to give up my studies for that. And to add salt to my wounds life sent me a badass kind of a boss. Just imagine your worst boss and times it by fifty trillion times. That boss who used to watch me work most of the hours of my day and pay me 1.185$ per hour have a special taste of triggering me.

Countless days I spent crying at night alone, how I wouldn’t? I was in dept, I can barely afford house rent, I struggle to bring food to the table, pay bills, pay for my sister’s education, see my classmates going to university and even visiting the coffee house, and a horrible boss who used to tell me “you’re a loser” for no reason whenever he spots me.

At least I used to enjoy my time at work, cause for sure socializing with people and having regular guests make you contacts. And that was what I was good at. I like people.

One day my boss came to me and dropped his famous pipe bomb at me and said “You’re a loser you won’t achieve anything in life. You will work your whole life for me. You do not have a choice.” At that moment I lost it. I looked at him in the eye and told him: “Tell me I can’t and watch me work twice as hard to prove you wrong”.

And that is what happened. Long story short, as the years went by. I had the chance to travel to India and study hospitality in a very famous Swiss School, I got the opportunity to work in Dubai, and Saudi Arabia and even I am now an uncle for a two years old beautiful girl. Life is way much better now.

But you know something, Karma hits, it always does. Once I was in a work vacation in Lebanon I went with my friends to a newly opened restaurant in town, after we finished eating, the restaurant manager came for a table visit. Yes, you guessed it right, my former boss! He looked me in the eye and said: “Mohamad! it has been a while, where have you been disappearing these past five years?”
I replied to him, yeah actually I am working now as a restaurant manager in Saudi Arabia, before that Dubai, before that I was in Goa, India.
You won’t believe that look on his face. I proved him wrong.

And that’s when I became a motivational speaker. Because the world doesn’t need heroes, it needs the motivation to make heroes. 

I am a motivational speaker. I started first in a small open-mic event in Lebanon called “Side Walk”.

I am the host and owner of “Mindset is Everything” club at clubhouse. Where I spent tons of hours talking and listening to amazing people.

I motivate everybody, especially the middle eastern people, my people. Because in a country like Lebanon, we do lack motivation.

Motivation speaking, of course. Nowadays life coaches are everywhere and it is becoming a cliché for everyone.
What I do believe that people does not want others to tell them what to do and how to live their lives. They want a motivation, a kind of a punch in the face  words to wake them up and focus. They need to know that they are inside the hole and the best way to get out of it is to climb it. Not to try to find peace there. 

"Life is like a bus. Sometimes you get the wheel, sometimes you sit in the backseat, either ways enjoy the ride."
Mohamad 'Mike' Hakawati
The Pep Talker