What Life Looks Like?

“Life is like a bus. Sometimes you take the wheel, and sometimes you sit in the backseat. Either way, enjoy the ride.”

– Mike Hakawati.

What Life Looks Like?

Now, everyone can describe life the way they see it based on their experience in life itself.
I had that discussion once with a group of friends, someone said that for him life looks like a roller coaster, it can take you on a trip up in the sky and suddenly it drops you down, but eventually, it will take you up again, and gets you back to the level ground at the end.

Well, that was a great example. But for me, if I could describe what life looks like, I’d say that life is like a bus or a car at least.
Here’s why…

Why Life Can’t Look Like a Roller Coaster?

When we say life is like a roller coaster it means that we do not have control in our lives. And that’s a dangerous thought to plant in our minds.
We can’t say that life is unfair, we can’t say that this is life and we can’t control life.
We can’t either say that we master life as well.
These Questions alone need a whole blog to be answered, so let us focus on the details of why I described what life looks like.

So, Life is Like a Bus?

Yes. But why do I describe it as a bus, not a car? Here’s why because your life doesn’t mean YOU alone. Your life means you and your surroundings, your family, friends, coworkers, your dog, your stupid ex-girlfriend, all your circle.
Just imagine that all of your circle sitting on a bus together and going on a trip to the unknown. Some people get in, other people get out and take another bus. That is exactly what life looks like.

Sometimes You Will Get the Chance to Take the Wheel

What would you do when you are in the driver’s seat in the bus that is called life?
The best thing to do is to start moving forward, you can press the accelerator as hard as you want but if there’s no gas in the tank the bus will not move.
Life will demand productivity from you, every second of your life, and regardless of your state. Because the foot on the pedal does not know the realities of the engine, that’s why we have indicators in vehicles.

Life indicators are boundaries and communication channels with yourself and others.
You do not want to drive fifth gear without a check engine light.

And When You are in the Backseat

A lot of times you are forced to do something in life, a lot of times life will put you through challenges and you feel that you cannot control what is going in your life.

Well, no matter what you will try and how hard you want to try you can’t win over life. The best thing you can do is to sit in the backseat, put your headphones on, let life drive you, it might surprise you. And it will be a great opportunity when you are in the backseat to chat with people around you, to have time for loved ones, to see and meet new people who get on the bus you didn’t notice.

Grab that chance to have great moments in the backseat, because you might not know who will leave the bus at the next stop.