You vs the World

You will never find a strong person with an easy past.

You feel lost, alone, and ashamed. You are concerned about what others believe of you, you assume you have no way out, and you believe you can’t go on.
You feel that it is you vs the world.

Who Says that You Can’t Struggle?

The mistakes that you’ve made in your life, you feel that you can’t come back from it, but there is something you have to know that it is not your time yet to get the best level in your life, to have that success story.

Can you realize that your best stories are the ones that you triumph from?

The Mistakes You’ve Made in Your Life

All people made mistakes, and all great people made critical mistakes and put themselves, their careers, their relationships, or anything they stand for on the line.

Michael Jordan has missed more than 9,000 shots in his career. He lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times have been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. he failed over and over and over again in his life. And that is why he succeeds.

It is okay to make mistakes, it is okay to fail, it is okay to let people down, it is okay to fail in a battle of you vs the world war.
Great people realize when they lost a battle, motivated people trust that losing a battle doesn’t mean losing the war.
Sacrifice, never be afraid of letting go of what is good for what is better.

You have to rise again. I will not tell you to do it for the people who believed in you or people who you want to prove wrong. You have to do it for the hard times you had, do it for the nights you spend awake, do it for every tear you dropped. These what you owe them success, do it for you. Because you do deserve better, and you have to trust that.

Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits of Tolerance

Don’t let your bad days trick you into believing you have a bad life, believe that everything you want can happen for you even when you do not know how it will happen. Because which you most need to find will be found where you least wish to look.

The World is Challenging You

The world is challenging you, the main event is you vs the world.

This main event has started the day you were born when you struggled to take your first breath when you took your first step while you were a child when you spoke your first word.

It is our instinct to challenge the world when the world challenged you at every moment of your life and you overcame it.

You do not want to back off now, you do not want to quit when you are bigger, stronger and more intelligent.

They say that the two most important days in your life is the day you were born, and the day you know why. The world will throw bricks on you, build your castle with these bricks. You are talented, you are wise, you have the power, you have the intelligence, you are the champion.

It is your time to make the world understand it is a privilege to have you in it.

It is You vs The World

It is you vs the world, but your competition is not the world.
Your competition is your procrastination, your ego, the unhealthy food you are consuming, the knowledge you neglect. The negative behaviour you are nurturing, and your lack of creativity. Compete against that.

Jordan B. Peterson at Jacko Podcast #98
Jordan B. Peterson
once said at Jacko Podcast #98: “You should be a monster. Everyone says you should be harmless, virtuous, you shouldn’t do anyone any harm, you should sheath your competitive instinct. You shouldn’t try to win. You do not want to be too aggressive, You do not want to be too assertive.
No. Wrong
, You should be a monster, an absolute monster, and then you should learn how to control it.

Because a harmless man is not a good man. “It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.”

You got dreams to chase, not people to impress, because the moment you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do.

Wake up!