Where Does Love Comes From?

Where does love comes from?

The Truth Has to be Embedded Inside Love

The truth has to be embedded inside love, it is not easy to figure out the hierarchy of value.

There is the great traditional values of the good and the beautiful and the true.
Truth is likely something that serves a master of one form another and love is something like a decision that being fundamentally good, or it is the decision to act as if being the fundamentally good.

Loveable people are fairly cute and fairly hurt, they are prone to emotional breakdowns.

They have all these extreme fragilities that make you nervous and attentive. But it also expose you directly to the fact of the potential tragedy of life.


Jordan Peterson wrote in his book, imagine that you can remove the vulnerabilities one by one so they couldn’t be hurt or make them like a robot who have tremendous strength or turn them something like a superhero with all strength instead of the exceptional vulnerabilities.

But what he realized that very rapidly that every time you remove vulnerability you remove an essential part of a person who you really love, because maybe it is in the fragility in some sense that’s a huge part of the charm and appeal. It’s not what you wish on them, but it is part of their value as beings shows where does love comes from.

That reflect something like paradoxical situation of “what makes a plot value is the empty space inside it.” It is what is not as much as what it is. That makes it actual real and also useful.

Paradoxical State of Love

There’s something really profound about that in the limitations. Because limitation is the precondition for being, just like rules are a precondition for a game. You can’t play a game when you can make any move at any time, you have to narrow the playing field and put restrictions.
Maybe beings in that paradoxical state where there’s just enough limitations to maximize possibility.

If limitations is precondition for being, then that introduces suffering into the world and tragedy. Because suffering and tragedy are consequence of limitation.

The question of where does love comes from lies in the situation is that if you want to have the being where possibility is maximized, you have to except the limitations that produce tragedy.

What is Real?

Dr. Jordan Peterson once said:
What’s real? Matter, That’s one answer… What’s real? What matters is real?
What’s the most real of what matters? How about pain? Why is it the most real? Try arguing it away, good luck. So, pain is the fundamental reality. Doesn’t that lead to nihilism and hopelessness? Yes.
Is there anything more fundamental than pain? Love. If you are in pain, Love and Truth are what you got. And you know, if they are more powerful than pain, maybe they are the most real thing.

So, Where Does Love Comes From?

The final thought is, maybe there is a way to live so that the tragedy that is an intrinsic part of limited being becomes bearable. Or becomes even something like celebratable.
And I guess it accrued to Friedrich Nietzche: “Wish for the eternal return, you should live so that if every moment that you lived will happen eternally, that would be a good thing.”

It is a heroic mode of being requires the adoption of responsibility gives your life sufficient gravitas and weight and meaning.
So the tragedy of being can be withstood without becoming corrupt.

What makes the case is that limitation is necessary for being, so the tragedy is inevitable consequence limitation.

So, is being is worth the tragedy?

Yes, the answer to that is love. And no, to that is is the opposite of love.

We tend to be hurt a lot, and it feels so real. But nothing is more real than love.


Dedicated to Joy.