Finding a Purpose in Life

The first step in gaining focus is to identify a purpose.
To find your purpose, you must first identify what it is that you are passionate about. When you are unsure of what to do, who you are, or what your next step should be, you are experiencing an identity crisis.

Finding a Purpose in Life

You’re struggling to figure out who you are because you haven’t figured it out yet. To move forward, you must first figure out who you are.
Nobody will point you in the right direction of finding a purpose in life.
When you get out of bed in the morning and walk out the door, you have a destination in mind. You wander around if you go outside without a plan. You must discover your purpose.
If you find yourself in this situation, the first thing you should do is identify the gift that God has given you. And until you do, you will be unable to discover your purpose, your mission, or the reason for your existence.
Identify who you are, what your gift is, and go after it.

Dissatisfaction is an Innate Part of Our Psychology

Because the problems will not go away, they are an unavoidable part of our existence.
Because every type of success will generate its own set of issues.

Let’s just find the problems that we enjoy having. Because that leads to what feels meaningful in our lives.

We actually need problems and the fact that you have problems in your life and need to work on them in order to improve. That is, in fact, what gives your life meaning of finding a purpose in life.
If everything is perfect and there are no problems, life is meaningless and feels very shallow.

The Magic Trick That Our Brain Keep Doing

It’s a trick that our brain keeps pulling on us, and we’ll never figure it out.
Like thinking that if you get that promotion, everything will be fine, and your brain will send you those positive vibes until you get the promotion, and then after two days, you’ll start thinking that you need another promotion, that you deserve a better one by finding a purpose in life. And so on; no matter where you are in life, your mind will generate a certain amount of perceived problems in your life.

The World Will Not Motivate You

I’m not sure what you’ve been through, but I can tell you that this world will not motivate you, inspire you, or pat you on the back and tell you that you’re going to be someone great. People in the world will sometimes try to discourage you and tell you to give up, to throw in the towel, to tap out, to tell you that it is all over, to tell you that you don’t matter.
The decision is yours, as is the mindset you have, the attitude you present, the hard work, faith, and belief that it all depends on you and that no one can make a decision for you or make it for you.

The decision is yours, as is the mindset you have, the attitude you present, the hard work, faith, and belief that it all depends on you and no one can make a decision or make up your mind for you that will help you find a purpose in life.

The most important battle is in your mind, and if you can recognize where the battle is and where the confidence comes from, you will be one of those successful people who win in their minds.

Focus on Where You Are Going

Instead of concentrating on where you are, concentrate on where you want to go and create a vision of it. Look at yourself and the situations you are in now, because if anyone has ever been evicted, faced foreclosure, lost their job, had their business fail, or had a doctor tell them that they are terminal and survived, it is possible that you can as well. Because if you are casual about your dream, it will become a casualty; therefore, you must decide that your dream is non-negotiable.

Don’t dwell on what you’ve been through; instead, use it to get to where you’re going. You could have lost someone, a job, your home, or a loved one. You may have lost the game, but now you must accept all of your losses and become a monster. Because that monster within you will not give up or throw in the towel. When you’re down and out, that monster inside of you will fight through everything.

When you’ve been through something you’ve never been through before, and you don’t know how to continue, that monster will emerge and push you past the pain, hurt, and embarrassment, and take you to another level.